SAP Training:

This table is displaying the main training sessions we attended in various official SAP Training Centers (Brussels, Paris, London, Dublin).
SAP Course Description - content
SCM600 Processes in Sales Order Management
SCM605 Sales
SCM610 Delivery Processes
SCM615 Billing
SCM620 Pricing in Sales and Distribution
SCM645 Credit and Risk Management
SCM671 Stock Availability Check
SCM680 Cross Aplication Business Processes
SCM611 Transportation
SCM630 Warehous Management
SCM631 Additional Topics in Warehous Management
SCM660 Handling Unit Management
OGSD SAP Oil and Gas - secondary distribution overview
BC400 ABAP Workshop Foundations
BC402 Advanced ABAP
BC407 Reporting: QuickViewer, InfoSet Query, and SAP Query